Basic Scraping - Modern Methods

The book is spiral bound so that it will lay flat on a work bench, with protective plastic covers so that it can take the typical workshop environment. The paper is of the highest quality and it has extra wide margins to make room for greasy thumbs and to provide space for shop notes. The book is completely indexed to make information easy to find and is printed on bright, easy reading paper.

Book is 170+ pages with 120+ photos and illustrations.

What is Scraping?

  1. BulletDisassemble Machine and Clean Parts

  2. BulletMachine Surfaces to be Scraped

  3. BulletBreak Up Work Surface

  4. BulletTest Alignment of Part

  5. BulletMark Up

  6. BulletScrape

  7. BulletDeburr

  8. BulletFrost or Flake Work Surface

  9. BulletClean and Lubricate

The History of Scraping

  1. BulletAt one time this was new science

The Scraper

  1. BulletBlade Shape

  2. BulletSharpening the High Speed Steel Blade

  3. BulletSharpening the Carbide Blade Hand Scraping

  4. BulletUse of the Hand Scraper

  5. BulletAngle of Stroke

  6. BulletRadius of Blade

  7. BulletDownward Pressure of the Stroke

  8. BulletSharpness of Blade

  9. BulletMotion of Stroke

  10. BulletThe Length of the Stroke

  11. BulletStrokes and Rows and Lines

  12. BulletChatter and Cross Cutting

  13. BulletRough Scraping

  14. BulletCutting "straight down"

  15. BulletStep cutting

  16. BulletCommon Scraping.

  17. BulletScraping Pace

  18. BulletProgression of bearing

  19. BulletFine Finish Scraping

Power Scraping

  1. BulletThe Use of the Power Scraper

  2. BulletLength of Stroke

  3. BulletRadius of the Blade

  4. BulletDownward Pressure of the Stroke

  5. BulletSharpness of the Blade

  6. BulletLateral Motion of the Scraper

Stones and Files

  1. BulletSpeeding Metal Removal

  2. BulletDeburring

  3. BulletImproving Bearing

Bearing and Mark Up

  1. BulletMarking Up or Spotting

  2. BulletMarking Mediums

  3. BulletRags

  4. BulletTypes of Mark Up or Spotting

  5. BulletMethod

  6. BulletThe Feeler Gauge

  7. BulletInterpreting Bearing Marks

  8. BulletReal and false bearing

  9. BulletCauses of False Bearing

Flaking and Frosting

  1. BulletBump Flaking

  2. BulletRoll Flaking

Types of Masters

  1. BulletStraight Edges

  2. BulletParallels

  3. BulletMaster squares

  4. BulletSurface plate

Automatic Generation of Gauges

  1. BulletTwo over one

  2. BulletOne over two

  3. BulletSquares

Introduction to alignment

  1. BulletChoosing and using alignment references

  2. BulletOriginal machine finish

  3. BulletHorizon (both absolute and relative)

  4. BulletAdjacent machine surfaces

  5. BulletLeast worn average Proper use of precision levels in alignment

  6. BulletLongitudinal Leveling

  7. BulletCross Leveling

Source list for scraping and alignment tools and material and comprehensive index.

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