Basic Scraping - Modern Methods

Written in 2000 by Michael Morgan this is the first book written on the foundational craft of scraping with both the beginner and the experienced craftsman in mind.

Covering everything from the basic grip of the scraping tool to more advanced subjects like hand flaking.
If you need to learn about the craft of scraping this is where you start.

Basic Hand Scraping

Sometimes a picture can be worth so much more than 1000 words. This DVD shows the actual scraping process from start to finish.

Many of the more subtle characteristics of scraping are really best learned by watching them done in front of you. This video gives you that point of view.

Anderson Tube Type Scrapers

Trying to scrape without a proper scraper is an exercise in frustration at best, kind of like trying to fill out a job application with a crayon.

End your frustration and take your skills to the highest levels with a professional tool.

Straight Edge Castings

A master surface tool with a design based on decades of experience.

Sized to be the single most practical straight edge available for reconditioning the vast majority of tool room and job shop sized machine tools.

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